Submission of Truckers and Wolves team for Round 13.

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Submission of Truckers and Wolves team for Round 13.

Post by gerry on Mon Jun 28, 2010 11:49 am

This is what the Exec have come up with:

With regard to the matter of the failure of the Wolves and Truckers
coaches to submit their teams to members of the executive, the Executive
have come to the conclusion that both coaches DID submit their teams on
time but just not to the right forum/email address. The Constitution
is not as clear-cut in this area.

As such, we will allow the teams to stand.

However, all coaches are now on notice:

Failure to submit your team to this forum or to any one of the
by the time outlined in the Constitution will result
in a loss of 20 points. Also the team submitted by the
tardy coach in the previous round will be the one that is used to determine the current round

It will be up to the coaches to check that their team has
been submitted on time. Members of the executive will endeavour to
confirm by email or online in this forum that the teams have been
received on time.

It is possible to submit it on the forum - if you want to make sure of it (See Attach File below each post window).
I would suggest that you send it to all three of the Exec., just to make sure - although this weekend will be interesting because of the early start.

Comments below, please.

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Re: Submission of Truckers and Wolves team for Round 13.

Post by Macca on Mon Jun 28, 2010 11:59 am

Crystal clear.

I am saying this weekend will catch a lot out.


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