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Post by gerry on Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:40 pm

On Monday I will be moving things around in this forum.

1) Your team selection (Google) files will be available in the Team Selection forum.
No round number will be included.

2) The sheet on display should show the latest round number. If not, I am still working on it. When it does show it you can start working on

3) If you are an away team, your team sheet will be under a post from the Home team.
For example, in Week 4 Warthogs are at home to the Vipers. There will be a post called "Warthogs Team" and under it a post called "Vipers Team". I won't worry about putting Round numbers.

4) I am doing this so that the files and forums remain consistent throughout the year. Hopefully this will reduce confusion.

5) When you are adding your new team, if you give it a little while, the score for the new player (presuming that he played in Round 3) will update. The total score will also update.

6) If this is at all confusing (it's confusing me!) it will all be clearer on Monday.

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