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Results for Round 4 Empty Results for Round 4

Post by gerry on Sun Apr 22, 2012 12:03 pm

Warthogs 362 def by Vipers 397.
The Vipers scored an emphatic win - and maintained their average points for! Strong tackles and good all round performance from the snakes. Tom Scully has finally put his hand up for the Warthogs - hooray, a number 1 pick is actually bearing fruit.

Tigers 340 d Heroes 283.
Stewart Cranberry was the only highlight for the Heroes, putting in a BOG performance. The rest were crap - much like the Terribles. Tigers still managed to win despite having only 2 marks. Makes up for the times you have lost with big scores, Truck. Actually, no it doesn't!

Raptors 413 d Wolves 292
A lop-sided score with the Raptors having big contributions from, you guessed it, Rockliff (96) and Selwood (98) - oh, and Jamar with a handy for 46 hitouts!. This score was achieved without a contribution from Carazzo and very little from Stevie J. Raptors for the April Premiership. Whither the Wolves in 2012? (or is it wither?)

Bangers 463 d Gladiators 375.
Banger. HAVE YOU READ THE "IT'S A LOW SCORING SEASON SO FAR" MEMO? Sheesh! Take it easy. Brent Stanton (113) and Sandi (44) were the highlights. Bad luck, Crozzle. You hit the perennial April premiers on a bad day.

Ridgebacks 378 def by Maulers 387.
Close game this one. I hope someone is checking the scores. Scott Pendlebury and Sam Mitchell were sensational but couldn't quite get the Ridgies over the line against the rampaging although well-mannered, Maulers. Well done, Jeffie. All you need to do is win!

Terriers 318 def by Mustangs 329. Not a lot of highlights from either team although I will say that I started 2010 and 2011 in a similar fashion. Trent Cotchin got the Mustangs over the line for the Ponies who remain undefeated and also in line for the April premiership.

One Heart votes have been updated and Premiership table will be available soon.

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