truckers round 15 team v heroes

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truckers round 15 team v heroes Empty truckers round 15 team v heroes

Post by trucker on Fri Jul 06, 2012 6:01 am

as the Tigers team sheet still needs to be altered I will post here in case I do not get a chance later today before the games start

Possies: cornes, bastinac, enright, delidio. res. ray, brennen, polkinhorne, swift, natanui, rutten

Marks: lake, McPharlin. res. rutten natanui, polkinghorne ray

tackles: picken, blair. res, taylor hunt(upgraded rookie) j brennen, polkinghorne, swift

goals: hawkins, schnieder res. natanui, d stewart, brennen, polkinghorne

ruck: cox. res. natanui, simpson

all star: watson, franklin h taylor. res, brennen, natanui, ray, swift, polkinghorne

good luck andy

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