Results for Round 13 (Gerry's scores)

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Results for Round 13 (Gerry's scores) Empty Results for Round 13 (Gerry's scores)

Post by gerry on Sun Jun 23, 2013 11:55 am

Bangers 302 def by Mustangs 398
Mustangs starting to put their hand up for the finals with virtual unknowns leading the charge. Griggs has been outstanding recently as has Jack Steven and then Norman Gunston pops up with five goals. Are Mustangs going to reverse their usual end of season downward trend this year?  Bangers rebuilding.  Currently reviewing the specs.

Ridgebacks 401 def Maulers 357
Ridgebacks imperiously waves away the last of the byes as they take care of 'the business' with the Maulers.  Leigh Montagna turns it up for his new coach as do both J Kennedys (boy, that is going to be confusing).  Maulers still relying a lot on Sydney boys and they are still doing the job despite his loss to the big dogs.

Warthog 289 def by Vipers 374
Warthogs suffering the bye big time and was not helped with two donuts from his goal-kickers.  The irony of the Vipers coach playing both Swallow and Selwood into all star against their old coach was not left unnoticed.  At least you got a few One Heart votes, Milnee - for Cox!

Gladiators 408 def by Terriers 423
I thought this was all over when Ablett 'fill-in', Matty Boyd scored a lazy 115 All Star points.  Never say never! Up steps the newly transferred Stevie J, Matty de Bore gets 11 tackles and it's a win by a whisker. Gladiators coach rebounds from his 'purple-haze' effort over the last two weeks and would have beaten just any other team with this score.  Not that he wants to hear that...

Tigers 378 def Wolves 286
Strength in marks and a reasonable game from Buddy, again, ironically against his old coach saw the Tigers demolish the Wolves who had too many holes to fill.  Good games from Wingard and Ebert in All Star boosted the Wolves score but the gaps in the rest of her team let her down.  Tigers may have just about locked in a double chance in the finals.

Ah, it's back to 'normal' next week....

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