Results for Round 8 - the bafflement continues

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Results for Round 8 - the bafflement continues Empty Results for Round 8 - the bafflement continues

Post by gerry on Mon May 12, 2014 2:08 pm

This is what I have so far although there might be some changes:

Bangers 326 def by Predators 422!
Congrats to Paul for his first smashing win of the league. Must be nice to knock the top off!
But holy cow. What happened here? Nothing wrong with the Bangers all stars - but just about every other player did nothing! It is unheard of for the Bangers to get only two tackles from his tacklers. And this is one he wanted to win!

However, it gets worse

Vipers 465 d Tigers 402
Again, bad luck to the Tigers who are doing everything right except play against teams with low scores. Outstanding score from little Libber (125 All star points) although Jobe Watson did well in the department.

Ridgebacks 330 def by Maulers 384.
More holes in the Ridgeback team than Swiss cheese! What is happening here!!!! Josh Kennedy scores 11 goals and is used as a marker and Griffen gets 20 possessions but 15 tackles! And where is he used? In possessions! (Oh hindsight, you are so wise). Nice win from the Maulers despite the goal-kickers doing everything they can to lose the game for him!

Gladiators 396 def Warthogs 245
This makes me feel a little better, but not much. Snappy move of Hanneberry into all star but a genuine team effort from the Gladdies. Warthogs ran out of decent players. Better luck next week.

Mustangs 342 def Terriers 294
Curse the bye and all it's children. Mustangs way too good and should have won by more although Dean Terlich let her down by hitting his head on Liam Jones' shoulder. Good to see Goddard in some form. Looking forward to next week...not!

Premiership and One Heart updated tomorrow.

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