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Results for Round 10 Empty Results for Round 10

Post by gerry on Sun May 25, 2014 11:38 am

Tigers 363 d Predators 305
The Predators are off the band wagon and back to reality despite the 84 point efforts of Jarrod Harbrow. Daniel Jackson getting subbed off early didn't help.  Jay Shulz in all star didn't quite work this week for the Tigers but who needs him in goals when you have Hawkins kicking them from everywhere.

Bangers 349 def by Maulers 366
Jimmy Bartel returns!  Great game from one the twin shrimps, but not enough to see off the Maulers.  I think Jeffie won it in possessions because the rest of the Maulers team (with some exception) aren't worth a piece of used chewy.

Vipers 518 def Warthogs 332
Congrats to the Vipers for the first (I think) score of 500+ this year.  18 tackles and 100+ possessions certainly helped.  Jase has scored this during a bye - how is he going to go when he gets his full team back.  Wait a minute...he's playing the Terriers next week.   affraid 

Ridgebacks 349 def Terriers 319.
Terriers just scraped into the 300s on the back of some great work from Kade Simpson and Scott Pendles but the rest of the team were crap. Mind you, the Ridgebacks team wasn't much better with only Ellis, Griffen and Swan able to cement their place for the next round.  Have I cursed the bye and the substitution system lately?  Still too good, Ridgebacks.

Mustangs 320 def by Gladiators 404.
A big game from Priddis of the Gladiators and the lack of Ruckmen in the Mustangs team meant that this game was all over on Saturday.  Gladiators join the Vipers in stretching the lead at the top of the table.  Will any other team put their hands up to battle it out for a grand final spot?

As we say farewell and good riddance to the byes, we come to the pointy end of the season with at, at least, three positions up for grabs.

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Results for Round 10 Empty Re: Results for Round 10

Post by Jason on Sun May 25, 2014 11:51 am

All clear Gerry.

You have nothing to fear though mate, I basically had my full team this week. Only player I had from my regular team not to play was Tippett. And chances of me scoring like that again in consecutive weeks are pretty slim I would say.

I hope I can though as you beat me in our first game. I'll just be happy if you dont get 300+ AS points like you did last time we played!

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