Wolves Round 11

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Wolves Round 11 Empty Wolves Round 11

Post by gerry on Fri Jun 05, 2009 8:59 am

As received from Bec:

Poss: A Selwood, A Lovett, J McMahon, D Wojinski / Res: Dew, O'Loughlin, Proud, Schneider
Marks: C Mooney, D Milburn / Res: Kreuzer, Minson
Tackles: P Ryder, M McVeigh / Res: Proud, Dew
Goalkickers: M Lecras, E Betts / Res: O'Loughlin, Schneider
Ruck: S Taylor / Res: M Kreuzer
AS: L Franklin, B Kirk, J Carr / Res: Dew, O'Loughlin, Schneider

Hmmm. I wonder who is playing them this week?

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