Scores for Round 12 at the half way point

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Scores for Round 12 at the half way point Empty Scores for Round 12 at the half way point

Post by gerry on Thu Jun 18, 2009 1:27 pm

Lots could happen but we will give it a go:
Gladiators 272 v Raptors 162. No Raptor all star has played so this grudge match could go anywhere - with Gablett to come for the Gladdies. Coin toss.

Mustangs 215 v Wolves 231. Almost equal number of players to play for both teams, so another coin toss. My money would be on the Mustangs though.

Terriers 352 v Heroes 169. This is the reason I am posting this crap. Heroes still have plenty up his sleeve but it is nice to have the runs on the board.

Bangers 162 v Ridgebacks 319. The Bangers Twin Shrimps still to play but the Ridgebacks are looking comfortable at this stage.

Spartans 340 v Warthogs 280. The new father has been helped by 162 all star points but the Warthogs still have plenty of players to play. I would back the Warthogs from here and he may just lock in a top four position this week.

Maulers 265 v Truckers 174. Mitchell's 100 all star points might be the difference in this close contest.

Here ya where are you all?

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