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Clause 1 Legal (in full) Empty Clause 1 Legal (in full)

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Clause 1: Legal

1.1 Disclaimer

The A.S.F.F.L. (All Star Fantasy Football League) consists of twelve teams with equal share in the constitutional processes of the league. Teams are drawn from the current AFL lists. It rouses passion, frustration, and very occasionally, anger. It must be stated, however, that it is a game and should be treated as such. Claims against the league or any of its administrators, due to impaired judgement or random acts of violence will be wavered upon subscription payment and entry to the competition.

Please play in ‘the spirit of the game’.

1.2 The Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Annual General Meeting is the vehicle by which change shall occur. The findings of the AGM shall govern the league for a period of 12 months, until the next AGM. The AGM shall take place between weeks 7-9 of Term Four and should be convened at a time that suits all. For the AGM to take place a quorum of 9 teams must be in attendance. The President of the A.S.F.F.L. shall ‘chair’ the meeting, whilst the Secretary shall ‘take minutes’.

The first agenda item of the AGM will be to finalise the ownership of the Teams in the League. No further business shall be conducted until all 12 teams have legitimate owners (see Clause 1.3 below). When all teams are finalised, only the owners of those teams will be eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting (1 vote per team).

In the event that new rules or amendments to current legislation are to be voted upon, it is expected that a delegate (by self or proxy) from each of the twelve teams be present and voting. Each team shall have a maximum of one vote in any situation. In the event that a delegate or proxy/s are not present or unwilling to vote, abstinence votes shall be registered. For amendments to be ratified, a majority vote (half plus one where an even number of teams are present) must be realised. If a majority is not attained, the suggested amendment shall be struck until further notice.

Notice of Change to Constitution

Any current constitutional rule may be open to change. The change must be initiated officially as follows;

An official representative of any of the said 12 teams shall table in written fashion and on official documentation amendments to current constitutional rules. DRAFT proposals & amendments shall then be then forwarded to the Chair person (or agreed delegate) no later than two weeks prior to the AGM. The ‘Chair person’ (or agreed delegate) shall then collate and circulate all suggested amendments to each of the 12 teams for perusal. Changes are then allowed to be made after consultation with fellow coaches and must be re-submitted no later than 1 week prior to the AGM. The new proposals & amendments will, when ‘seconded’ at the AGM, be voted upon. No changes are allowable after final submissions are made 1 week prior to AGM. In the event of a majority vote, the amendment shall be written into The Constitution for the minimum period of one year or until amended. Voting shall not be secret.

During the AGM, the last item of business shall be the election (by simple majority vote) of the following officials:

President: Official representative of the ASFFL to all bodies outside the league. Chair of the Annual General Meeting and any extraordinary meetings of the executive. Organiser of any meetings of the executive. Spokesperson on behalf of the league should any complaints be made against the ASFFL or any of its members.

Secretary: Responsible for all correspondence and paperwork of the League. Minute taker at the Annual General Meeting. Responsible for organisation of the pre-season (clause 3.11) and mid-season (clause 3.4) drafts and the AGM (clause 2.1). Responsible for publicity of the league (including notice boards and web sites).

Treasurer: Responsible for all financial matters of the League. This includes membership subscription (clause 1.3), fines (clause 2.2) , Allocation of Prize Money (clause 2.6) and Trades (clause 3.8 ).

This group shall be known as The Executive. They shall have the power to interpret the constitution and make any decisions on any issues or complaints from within the league.

This group will meet from time to time (under the direction of the President) and make decisions about the day-to-day running of the league.

Under no circumstances shall amendments take place without official carriage as listed here.

1.3 League Entry, Teams and Subscriptions

The ‘A.S.F.F.L.’ or ‘The League’ is made up of 12 teams and its coaches. It shall not consist of more than 12 teams. These will be first offered to those who owned the team from the previous season. The league teams will be finalised when 12 team allocations have been filled.

Each team must have a name, logo and be fully paid members of the ASFFL prior to the Pre Season Draft (see ‘Subscriptions’ below). The current subscription fees are set at $80.

Subscriptions must be paid in full before any team can participate in the Pre-Season Draft. A late fee of 10 points per day shall be deducted from the offending team’s Round 1 total score, up to a maximum of 70 points (1 week). After this time ownership of the team shall be forfeited.

A ‘team’ or ‘list’ shall be recognised as a body of players numbered 1-35. Each player’s number shall be determined from which round they were drafted in the Pre-Season Draft. Each ‘team’ or ‘list’ shall be ‘set’ and unable to be changed during the period of the trade cut-off date (currently 5:00 pm prior to Round 16) and the submission of the ‘Retained Players’ form for the following year. It shall include/exclude all officially recognised trades and de-listings completed in the previous year. The ownership of this team shall be given to the subscriber until such time that He/She/They relinquish all or part of the ‘team’ or ‘list’ officially or He/She/they are officially ejected from the ‘League’.

The list itself remains property of ‘the league'.

Joint Ownership of Teams

The subscription for teams shall be open to whatever form of syndication deemed feasible and there is no limit on numbers involved. In the event of joint ownership of a ‘list’ or ‘team’, the management of such an agreement falls squarely at those with financial interest in the team. That is, it is suggested that a contract be agreed to, prior to subscription.

At seasons end, should the parties agree to dissolve, the team shall either be;

1. inherited by one of the present owners
2. inherited by one of the present owners (as agreed to by all parties) and another party
3. be put up for tender. It cannot be split up or sold off. The list shall remain in its entirety.

Should a reasonable outcome not be realised, the ‘list’ shall be made available to any interested party who does not hold financial support with the said team or any other of the ASFFL teams.

If, in the extraordinary example, several members lay claim to the inheritance of the team, the league shall vote on the ‘native title’ to the list. Where possible, the party who laid claim to having created the list shall be deemed logical owner.

Should there be more than one body applying for membership of the league (i.e. 1 list available and 3 applicants) there shall be a vote from the remaining clubs. This shall be completed by preferential voting.

Once a coach/member/selector/official has left a club, he/she holds no rights or preferences over any list. In other words, your history as a member shall not make you any more likely to get a list.

1.4 Retention Listed Players

From your list of 35 (or less) players you may ‘retain’ 12 players for the following season (commencing at the conclusion of the 2006 season). The players may be taken from the following tiers on your list:

2 players from the first 7 positions

3 players from the next 10 positions

8 players from the last 13 positions

On top of the current system, coaches shall have the option of retaining one extra player anywhere on the list. This extra player shall be known as the 'floater'.

This process is not compulsory.

It has been introduced in order to:

* Maintain some form of ‘ownership’ of players
* Even out the strength of team lists
* Reward drafting unproven players in later picks
* Minimise the length of the Pre Season Draft

In the event that you have attained more than one player in the same position, you must ‘pay’ a higher pick for the player. That is, if you have two ‘pick three’s’ you must take one of the players at pick two. The ruling here is that, the original player maintains his place, whilst the most recent addition moves up. In the event that you have two ‘pick ones’ that you want to retain you must take them at picks one and two, with your original pick one, staying where you got him.

Where a player is ‘moved up’ due to 2 players being retained at the same draft number and that player is moved into a different retention tier, he shall not be regarded as being from that tier. For example;

If two players are to be retained at pick eight, the player who was last attained at that number shall be ‘moved up’ to number seven for Pre Season Draft purposes only. The team who is affected by this will still be able to retain two players from the first seven positions, not including the player at seventh pick. Similarly, the team can still have only three retained players in the middle tier including the player at seventh pick.

Although players may move up, their original pick number is always retained. That is, at seasons end, should you wish to only retain one of the two pick threes, the player will be taken at pick three regardless of being ‘moved up’ for retention and Pre Season Draft purposes.

The cut-off time for the submission of each team’s Player Retention form shall be strictly 5:00 pm on the Friday before the Pre-Season Draft.

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