Sub-clause 1.2 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

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Sub-clause 1.2 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Empty Sub-clause 1.2 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

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1.2 The Annual General Meeting (AGM)

[1] The Annual General Meeting is the vehicle by which change shall occur. The findings of the AGM shall govern the league for a period of 12 months, until the next AGM. The AGM shall take place between weeks 7-9 of Term Four and should be convened at a time that suits all. For the AGM to take place a quorum of 9 teams must be in attendance. The President of the A.S.F.F.L. shall ‘chair’ the meeting, whilst the Secretary shall ‘take minutes’.

[2] The first agenda item of the AGM will be to finalise the ownership of the Teams in the League. No further business shall be conducted until all 12 teams have legitimate owners (see Clause 1.3 below). When all teams are finalised, only the owners of those teams will be eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting (1 vote per team).

[3] In the event that new rules or amendments to current legislation are to be voted upon, it is expected that a delegate (by self or proxy) from each of the twelve teams be present and voting. Each team shall have a maximum of one vote in any situation. In the event that a delegate or proxy/s are not present or unwilling to vote, abstinence votes shall be registered. For amendments to be ratified, a majority vote (half plus one where an even number of teams are present) must be realised. If a majority is not attained, the suggested amendment shall be struck until further notice.

Notice of Change to Constitution

[4] Any current constitutional rule may be open to change. The change must be initiated officially as follows;

An official representative of any of the said 12 teams shall table in written fashion and on official documentation amendments to current constitutional rules. DRAFT proposals & amendments shall then be then forwarded to the Chair person (or agreed delegate) no later than two weeks prior to the AGM. The ‘Chair person’ (or agreed delegate) shall then collate and circulate all suggested amendments to each of the 12 teams for perusal. Changes are then allowed to be made after consultation with fellow coaches and must be re-submitted no later than 1 week prior to the AGM. The new proposals & amendments will, when ‘seconded’ at the AGM, be voted upon. No changes are allowable after final submissions are made 1 week prior to AGM. In the event of a majority vote, the amendment shall be written into The Constitution for the minimum period of one year or until amended. Voting shall not be secret.

[5] During the AGM, the last item of business shall be the election (by simple majority vote) of the following officials:

[6] President: Official representative of the ASFFL to all bodies outside the league. Chair of the Annual General Meeting and any extraordinary meetings of the executive. Organiser of any meetings of the executive. Spokesperson on behalf of the league should any complaints be made against the ASFFL or any of its members.

[7] Secretary: Responsible for all correspondence and paperwork of the League. Minute taker at the Annual General Meeting. Responsible for organisation of the pre-season (clause 3.11) and mid-season (clause 3.4) drafts and the AGM (clause 2.1). Responsible for publicity of the league (including notice boards and web sites).

[8] Treasurer: Responsible for all financial matters of the League. This includes membership subscription (clause 1.3), fines (clause 2.2) and Allocation of Prize Money (clause 2.6).

[9] This group shall be known as The Executive. They shall have the power to interpret the constitution and make any decisions on any issues or complaints from within the league.

[10] This group will meet from time to time (under the direction of the President) and make decisions about the day-to-day running of the league.

[11] Under no circumstances shall amendments take place without official carriage as listed here.

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