Sub-clause 1.3 (continued) Joint ownership of Teams

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Sub-clause 1.3 (continued) Joint ownership of Teams Empty Sub-clause 1.3 (continued) Joint ownership of Teams

Post by gerry on Tue Dec 08, 2009 10:32 am

Joint Ownership of Teams

[1] The subscription for teams shall be open to whatever form of syndication deemed feasible and there is no limit on numbers involved. In the event of joint ownership of a ‘list’ or ‘team’, the management of such an agreement falls squarely at those with financial interest in the team. That is, it is suggested that a contract be agreed to, prior to subscription.

[2] At seasons end, should the parties agree to dissolve, the team shall either be;

1. inherited by one of the present owners
2. inherited by one of the present owners (as agreed to by all parties) and another party
3. be put up for tender. It cannot be split up or sold off. The list shall remain in its entirety.

[3] Should a reasonable outcome not be realised, the ‘list’ shall be made available to any interested party who does not hold financial support with the said team or any other of the ASFFL teams.

[4] If, in the extraordinary example, several members lay claim to the inheritance of the team, the league shall vote on the ‘native title’ to the list. Where possible, the party who laid claim to having created the list shall be deemed logical owner.

[5] Should there be more than one body applying for membership of the league (i.e. 1 list available and 3 applicants) there shall be a vote from the remaining clubs. This shall be completed by preferential voting.

[6] Once a coach/member/selector/official has left a club, he/she holds no rights or preferences over any list. In other words, your history as a member shall not make you any more likely to get a list.

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