Clause 3 Drafts and Trading (in full)

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Clause 3 Drafts and Trading (in full) Empty Clause 3 Drafts and Trading (in full)

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Clause 3: Drafts and Trading

From herein, the drafts referred to are the Pre Season Draft (PSD) and the Mid Season Draft (MSD).

Draft (PSD and MSD) Laws

The draft/s shall start at a non-negotiable time determined by the Executive. It is requested that selections are planned in advance.

Selections shall be kept to less than one minute. Should a team exceed this time limit, all other ASFFL members have the authority to tell the offenders to ‘Hurry the f&*# up!!

3.1 The Pre Season Draft (PSD)

The Pre Season Draft (PSD) is the means by which coaches attain players for the season. The draft order is initially random (dependent on picks drawn at the AGM), but follows a carefully constructed order to ensure all clubs receive a fair chance of attaining players. For example, significant early picks may be offset by poorer mid or late draft picks and so on.

3.2 Pre Season Draft Picks

The drawing of draft picks will occur at the Annual General Meeting or by the proposed cut-off date to uptake picks. Draft picks shall be placed in 12 sealed & unmarked envelopes and given out at the meeting. The order for receiving these picks shall be determined by the finishing position of each team at the end of the previous season. The bottom placed team shall have 1st selection, followed by 11th through to reigning premier. The choice to take draft picks is made completely by the team owner/s and should not be deemed compulsory until the cut-off date to uptake picks.

Any team not present at the AGM shall forgo their pick order and receive theirs after all other picks have been received.

The cut-off time for the trading of Pre-Season Draft Picks shall be determined by the ASFFL Executive.

3.3 Trading Picks and/or players prior to the Pre-Season Draft

Both players and/or draft picks are deemed ‘tradeable’ immediately upon receipt of the picks. (*See ‘Trading of list players prior to Pre Season Draft’ below)

However, there are several important rules that must be adhered to in this instance.

Official Documentation: All trades, in order to be officially sanctioned, must be completed on an Official Trade Sheet or completed online in the Trade Confirmation forum. This sheet must be completed accurately, using player’s FULL NAMES according to the GCFFL database of AFL player’s names. In the event of fees being incurred, they must be paid prior to players or picks being used. Both parties must have one authorised signatory to be considered conformant or, if the trade is conducted online, both parties must post in the Trade Confirmation forum that they agree to the trade. Formal acceptance of the trade by the ASFFL will occur when a member of the League Executive confirms that the trade is legal.

Trading of list players before season commences: Trading any of the 35 listed players to or from another club without using the above procedure is not allowed. Simply this is to stop teams trading players (for benefit) whilst having no intent to retain them anyway. Each ‘team’ or ‘list’ shall be ‘set’ and unable to be changed during the period of the trade cut-off date (currently 5:00 pm on the day prior to Round 16) and the submission of the ‘Retained Players’ form for the following year.

Trading Retention Players prior to Pre Season Draft: retained players, upon confirmation by the ‘official retention list agreement’, may be traded for picks or other retained players. Under no circumstances can list players be traded until confirmation of retention status is lodged. That is, you cannot trade a player from team x to team y without first acknowledging, through official methods, that the player/s concerned is ‘retained’.

Trading Picks: picks can be traded for other picks at list owners discretion, provided the picks come from the same round. That is you cannot trade a round 7 pick for a round 23 and a round 24 pick.

Fees for trading prior to PSD:
As is with the case in the premiership round, trades incur some cost. The only exemption from a fee is when trading pick/s for pick/s. Any deal struck that involves players shall incur a $1-00 per player fee.

Unforseen Circumstances:
Should any retained player, before the PSD, retire, become long term injured, or involve themselves in any acts that may see them in penitentiary / rehabilitation, you are not allowed any form of recourse. You may, however, immediately delist the player and be eligible to select a player with the pick in the Pre Season Draft, but cannot choose to take another player from your list as ‘retained’. As an example, Andrew Crosby chooses to retain Wayne Carey at pick one. Wayne Carey is found knee deep in an unsavoury act. Wayne Carey retires. Andrew Crosby, if he chooses to delist Carey, is now ‘down’ one retained player but may ‘draft’ a new pick one come the PSD.

3.4 Mid Season Draft (MSD)

As of the AGM 2006 there shall be no Mid-Season Draft

3.5 Trading Players

The joy/pain of the game! All parties can trade players in any number, to any other club after mutual agreement. Once finalised the trade must be sanctioned by completing the necessary papyrus paraphernalia. Trading can be completed at any time prior to the trade cut off date.

Trading of players shall cease on the Friday (5-00pm) prior to round 16.

Once a trade paper is signed and dated by both or all parties the trade will be considered official. There shall be no time limits on signing the sheet.

Signing of Trade Sheets – There need only be 1 signature from each team for a trade to be declared ‘cleared’. For teams with more than 1 coach or persons in an official capacity: it should be made clear to the league before the season commences which of these persons are signatories.

Trading during School Holidays: Should a trade occur between 2 or more coaches during a holiday period the following processes will be accepted for a trade to be deemed ‘official’:

Both or all parties shall each email any member of the executive stating the exact details of the trade and acknowledge acceptance of this trade

Both, or all parties shall each submit a post on the ‘Trade’ section of the ASFFL Forum, stating the exact details of the trade and acknowledge acceptance of this trade

Both, or all parties shall each SMS any member of the executive stating the exact details of the trade and acknowledge acceptance of this trade

In each case, all player names and details must be in full according to law 3.7 ‘Trading Players’.

Fees for such trades shall be payable to the Treasurer on the next working day that the member is present (see Law 3.8 Trade Fees (During Holidays)) If the trade involves an executive member or members, he/she cannot be used as the contact person for the trade. In this case either post on the forum, or, email or SMS an executive member not involved in the trade.

In the rare case that all members involved in the trade are members of the executive, they may either post on the forum, or, email or SMS a mutually agreed upon trusted member of the league. Andy Patupas shall not be classed as a trusted member.

The Executive shall investigate any misdemeanours using the methods above and any member found guilty by the Executive of trading under a false identity shall be penalised a total of 50 points, to be taken off the total score of their next game. Subsequent offences shall attract a penalty deduction of 100 points each.

3.6 Delisting Players

A team may delist any player at any time during the A.S.F.F.L. season.

No list can contain more than 30 players. Should you be the recipient of more players than you trade off (i.e. ‘sweeteners’) you must delist enough players on your list in order to maintain 30. (See Clause 3.5 with regards to replacing delisted players)

3.7 Trade Fees

All trades will be free. Trade picks can be traded for free in any instance. The trade must also be documented on an ‘official player trade sheet’ signed by all parties, and given to ASFFL officials 30 minutes prior to the first game of the round. Alternatively, the trade may be completed online under sub-clause 3.5 of the constitution. The fee/s may be equally divided by the trading parties, or paid in full by either coach (pending their desperation!).

Trade fees during School Holidays: Trades completed during school holidays or public holidays shall be deemed ‘official’ (according to 3.10 Trading during holidays) without the immediate payment of fees to the Treasurer. These fees must be paid to the Treasurer on the next working day that the member is present. Failure to pay by this time shall result in the exclusion of the traded players for the round(s) used and the 1st available reserves listed shall take their place.

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