Sub-clause 3.3 Trading picks and/or players prior to the Pre-Season Draft

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Sub-clause 3.3 Trading picks and/or players prior to the Pre-Season Draft Empty Sub-clause 3.3 Trading picks and/or players prior to the Pre-Season Draft

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3.3 Trading Picks and/or players prior to the Pre-Season Draft

[1] Both players and/or draft picks are deemed ‘tradeable’ immediately upon receipt of the picks. (*See ‘Trading of list players prior to Pre Season Draft’ below)

[2] However, there are several important rules that must be adhered to in this instance.

[3] Official Documentation: All trades, in order to be officially sanctioned, must be completed on an Official Trade Sheet or completed online in the Trade Confirmation forum. This sheet must be completed accurately, using player’s FULL NAMES according to the GCFFL database of AFL player’s names. In the event of fees being incurred, they must be paid prior to players or picks being used. Both parties must have one authorised signatory to be considered conformant or, if the trade is conducted online, both parties must post in the Trade Confirmation forum that they agree to the trade. Formal acceptance of the trade by the ASFFL will occur when a member of the League Executive confirms that the trade is legal.

[4] Trading of list players before season commences: Trading any of the 35 listed players to or from another club without using the above procedure is not allowed. Simply this is to stop teams trading players (for benefit) whilst having no intent to retain them anyway. Each ‘team’ or ‘list’ shall be ‘set’ and unable to be changed during the period of the trade cut-off date (currently 5:00 pm on the day prior to Round 16) and the submission of the ‘Retained Players’ form for the following year.

[5] Trading Retention Players prior to Pre Season Draft: retained players, upon confirmation by the ‘official retention list agreement’, may be traded for picks or other retained players. Under no circumstances can list players be traded until confirmation of retention status is lodged. That is, you cannot trade a player from team x to team y without first acknowledging, through official methods, that the player/s concerned is ‘retained’.

[6] Trading Picks: picks can be traded for other picks at list owners discretion, provided the picks come from the same round. That is you cannot trade a round 7 pick for a round 23 and a round 24 pick.

[7] Fees for trading prior to PSD:
As is with the case in the premiership round, trades incur some cost. The only exemption from a fee is when trading pick/s for pick/s. Any deal struck that involves players shall incur a $1-00 per player fee.

[8] Unforseen Circumstances:
Should any retained player, before the PSD, retire, become long term injured, or involve themselves in any acts that may see them in penitentiary / rehabilitation, you are not allowed any form of recourse. You may, however, immediately delist the player and be eligible to select a player with the pick in the Pre Season Draft, but cannot choose to take another player from your list as ‘retained’. As an example, Andrew Crosby chooses to retain Wayne Carey at pick one. Wayne Carey is found knee deep in an unsavoury act. Wayne Carey retires. Andrew Crosby, if he chooses to delist Carey, is now ‘down’ one retained player but may ‘draft’ a new pick one come the PSD.

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