Change to sub-clause 1.2 [2]

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Change to sub-clause 1.2 [2] Empty Change to sub-clause 1.2 [2]

Post by gerry on Thu Dec 10, 2009 12:00 am

gerry wrote:1.2 The Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Again, there are changes needed.

[2] The first agenda item of the AGM will be to finalise the ownership of the Teams in the League. Before the AGM is held, all team owners will need to confirm their ownership for the new season. No further business The AGM shall not be conducted until all 12 teams have legitimate owners (see Clause 1.3 below). When all teams are finalised, only the owners of those teams will be eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting (1 vote per team).


I think ownership of the twelve teams need to be settled before the AGM.
Can I suggest that prior to the next AGM all owners CONFIRM their ownership for the new season.
I realise this has not been done for the 2009 AGM but this change will put it in place for the 2010 AGM.
Then the AGM can proceed once this is clear.

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