Change to sub-clause 1.2 [5-10]

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Change to sub-clause 1.2 [5-10] Empty Change to sub-clause 1.2 [5-10]

Post by gerry on Thu Dec 10, 2009 12:46 am

gerry wrote:1.2 The Annual General Meeting (AGM)

[5] During the AGM, the last item of business there shall be the election (by simple majority vote) of the following officials:

[6] President: Official representative of the ASFFL to all bodies outside the league. Chair Overseer of the online Annual General Meeting and any extraordinary meetings of the executive. Organiser Chairperson of any meetings of the executive league. Spokesperson on behalf of the league should any complaints be made against the ASFFL or any of its members.

[7] Secretary: Responsible for all correspondence and paperwork of the League. Minute taker at Organiser of the online Annual General Meeting. Responsible for organisation of the pre-season draft (clause 3.11) and mid-season (clause 3.4) drafts and the AGM (clause 2.1) any other meetings of the league. Responsible for publicity of the league (including notice boards and web sites).

[8] Treasurer: Responsible for all financial matters of the League. This includes membership subscription (clause 1.3), fines (clause 2.2) and Allocation of Prize Money (clause 2.6).

[9] This group shall be known as The Executive. They shall have the power to interpret the constitution and make any decisions on any issues or complaints from within the league.

[10] This group will meet from time to time (under the direction of the President) and make decisions about the day-to-day running of the league.

To ensure that election of the Executive occurs as part of the new online AGM process.
To tidy up the wording a little and to take into account changes to responsibilities due to the advent of the online AGM.

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