Change to sub-clause 1.3 [4]

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Change to sub-clause 1.3 [4] Empty Change to sub-clause 1.3 [4]

Post by gerry on Thu Dec 10, 2009 1:05 am

Proposal passed by majority vote.

1.3 League Entry, Teams and Subscriptions

[4] A ‘team’ or ‘list’ shall be recognised as a body of players numbered 1-35. Each player’s number shall be determined from which round they were drafted in the Pre-Season Draft. Each ‘team’ or ‘list’ shall be ‘set’ and unable to be changed during the period of after the trade cut-off date (currently 5:00 pm one hour prior to first AFL game in Round 16) and the submission of the ‘Retained Players’ form for the following year. It shall include/exclude all officially recognised trades and de-listings completed in the previous year. The ownership of this team shall be given to the subscriber until such time that He/She/They relinquish all or part of the ‘team’ or ‘list’ officially or He/She/they are officially ejected from the ‘League’.

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