Changes to sub-clause 1.4 Retained listed players [1-7] v1

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Changes to sub-clause 1.4 Retained listed players [1-7] v1 Empty Changes to sub-clause 1.4 Retained listed players [1-7] v1

Post by Macca on Thu Dec 10, 2009 8:51 am

Proposal lost by majority vote.
gerry wrote:1.4 Retention Listed Players

[1] From your list of 35 40 (or less) players you may ‘retain’ 12 13 players for the following season (commencing at the conclusion of the 2006 season). The players may be taken from the following tiers on anywhere on your list:

2 players from the first 7 positions

3 players from the next 10 positions

8 players from the last 13 positions

[2] On top of the current system, coaches shall have the option of retaining one extra player anywhere on the list. This extra player shall be known as the 'floater'.

[3] This process is not compulsory.

It has been introduced in order to:

* Maintain some form of ‘ownership’ of players
* Even out the strength of team lists
* Reward drafting unproven players in later picks
* Minimise the length of the Pre Season Draft

[4]In the event that you have attained more than one player in the same position, you must ‘pay’ a higher pick for the player. That is, if you have two ‘pick three’s’ you must take one of the players at pick two. The ruling here is that, the original player maintains his place, whilst the most recent addition moves up. In the event that you have two ‘pick ones’ that you want to retain you must take them at picks one and two, with your original pick one, staying where you got him.

[5] Where a player is ‘moved up’ due to 2 players being retained at the same draft number and that player is moved into a different retention tier, he shall not be regarded as being from that tier. For example;

[6] If two players are to be retained at pick eight, the player who was last attained at that number shall be ‘moved up’ to number seven for Pre Season Draft purposes only. The team who is affected by this will still be able to retain two players from the first seven positions, not including the player at seventh pick. Similarly, the team can still have only three retained players in the middle tier including the player at seventh pick.

[7] Although players may move up, their original pick number is always retained. That is, at seasons end, should you wish to only retain one of the two pick threes, the player will be taken at pick three regardless of being ‘moved up’ for retention and Pre Season Draft purposes.

[8] The cut-off time for the submission of each team’s Player Retention form shall be strictly 5:00 pm on the Friday before the Pre-Season Draft.

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