Provisional Results for Round 14

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Provisional Results for Round 14 Empty Provisional Results for Round 14

Post by gerry on Sun Jun 22, 2014 11:59 am

Some surprising results and potential domestic unrest this week:

Gladiators 424 d Predators 368
Gladiators go on their merry way with another win courtesy of high scores from Jack Redden and, guess who, Gablett.  Predators coach must be scratching his head about the incredible yo-yo form of players like Hocking. Maybe he is still on the 'driods?

Terriers 404 d Tigers 386
Terriers understand fully that this was a lucky win for the little doggies. Matthew Stokes with 2 possessions and Macaffer with a donut in tackles for the Tiges! How is that possible!  This despite the unbelievable heroics of Sargent Schultz in marks and Buddy in All Star.  Bad luck, Tigers. And you are up against the Gladiators next week!

Warthogs 326 def by Maulers 407
One measly point from the Warthogs goal-kickers did not help his cause although the Casboult, Thomas and Hanley will need a stern talking to before the big game next week, Coach Jeff.  See you on the 'oval'.

Bangers 419 def Ridgebacks 290.
Are the Ridgebacks throwing games now?  How else can you explain the form of a team that gets 400+ one week and less than 300 the next? Must be the weather.  Anyway, a good win by the Bangers with Luke Parker getting another three One Heart points this week.

Mustangs 368 d Vipers 356
Wow! Another big score drop from last week. Injuries are cruelling the premiership second favourite and he needs to hang on to keep that second spot - the Maulers are breathing right up your cloaca!  Nice win by the Mustangs but they need to keep winning to have any chance at the finals.

Waiting for confirmation...Premiership table and One Heart up soon.

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Provisional Results for Round 14 Empty Re: Provisional Results for Round 14

Post by Jason on Sun Jun 22, 2014 12:41 pm

Yes all fkin clear on the scores....

After starting so strong, 3 losses in a row have the Vipers reeling and wondering what the hell has happened! Time to shake up the team and send a message to the playing group me thinks!

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