Hello Everybody - Preliminary Finals Results

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Hello Everybody - Preliminary Finals Results Empty Hello Everybody - Preliminary Finals Results

Post by gerry on Sun Aug 17, 2014 11:36 am

Gladiators 358 def by Maulers 467

Oh, boy! Who would have thunk it!
Despite being cruelled by key injuries, I thought Gladiators had the depth to cover the likes of Ablett and Redden.  However it wasn't to be.
In fact this may be the lowest Gladiators score this year from a team averaging 430 points!

Nice work, Jeffie boy. Fabulous score on the back of another sizzling performance from Tom Rockliff and Sam Jacobs.

We now proceed to the Grand Final for 2014.
It is fitting that the last game under the current Constitution should be between two teams that have yet to win a Premiership.

Can the Maulers continue their fabulous late season run? Hello Everybody - Preliminary Finals Results 273513 
Can the Vipers grab their collective testicles and win the premiership on their third attempt. Hello Everybody - Preliminary Finals Results 918318 

Who knows but I can see that you await this game with bated breath, so I'll shut up.  
Good luck to both teams! Hello Everybody - Preliminary Finals Results 878793

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Hello Everybody - Preliminary Finals Results Empty Re: Hello Everybody - Preliminary Finals Results

Post by Jason on Sun Aug 17, 2014 12:04 pm

All clear on the scores Gerry.

Hate to say this, but its hard to see Maulers losing it from here. Not only is he the in-form team of the competition right now, losing Beams this week with a season ending injury hurts.

In an intriguing twist (well only for me probably) the last two GF's I have been killed by a former player in tackles by the name of James Kelly and this year I face yet another former player in Kieren Jack in tackles also. And when I look at the last time Jack played against the Bulldogs he had 13 tackles. Surely it cant happen again.......

However I was happy when I saw Brisbane playing Fremantle next week, no way Lyons lets Rockliff run amok like he has right? Again I check the previous game he played against Freo and he had 120 AS. Give me a break!!

Anyway enough moaning, all the best Jeff! If I cant win it, I hope to at least make you earn it!!

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