Finals Round 1 Preliminary scores

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Finals Round 1 Preliminary scores Empty Finals Round 1 Preliminary scores

Post by gerry on Sun Aug 03, 2014 11:01 am

Hi folks. This is what I have:

Terriers 405 d Tigers 376
Tigers rattled by the loss of Buddy early on Friday and struggled to match the vulnerable Terriers. Jarryd Roughead's six goals and Mark Hutchings 10 tackles were the biggest difference.  Bad luck, Shannon. I would have preferred to win in better circumstances.

Vipers 427 d Maulers 424
This game showed two things. The HGA has done it again and Vipers coach has just created a shrine to Dayne Beams for his big final game effort.  Great contest by both teams decided only in the last few minutes of the last game.

If this is correct then the games for next week are:
Maulers (HGA) v Terriers
Gladiators (HGA) v Vipers

I'd ask that all coaches hold off on any decisions about their future until we get this new Constitution done.

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Finals Round 1 Preliminary scores Empty Re: Finals Round 1 Preliminary scores

Post by Jason on Sun Aug 03, 2014 11:12 am

All clear on the scores Gerry.

And to be honest im in shock I won. When I checked the scores this morning I thought for sure I was a goner! Thank God for the HGA!

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