Finals Round 2 - Prelimnary results

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Finals Round 2 - Prelimnary results Empty Finals Round 2 - Prelimnary results

Post by gerry on Sun Aug 10, 2014 11:14 am

On September the 4th, 2011 the Terriers football club, in it's finest hour, hammered the Maulers FC in the Grand Final.
The score was Maulers 361 to Terriers 487.

Ever since then, the MFC have been looking for ways to revenge that score.
Well, MFC followers, look no longer. Here is it:

Maulers 500 d Terriers 405.
In one game of AFL footy (Adel v Bris), the Terriers season was laid to rest.  Four Maulers players score a combined total of 234 points to smash the little doggies out of the game.  They included: Tom "Cliffy" Rockliff (127), Sam "the Jacobian" Jacobs (39 hits), Taylor "Walk the walk" Walker (38 points) and Brad 'I never sit on the couch" Crouch (30) points.  Congrats Jeffie. I sincerely hope you go all the way.

Gladiators 393 d Vipers 461
Another big, if slightly unexpected win to the Snake. These two teams have been going hammer and thongs (sic) all year and this time the Vipers came out on top.  Rory Sloane smashed it up with a big 119 point game and Dayne Beams and Andrew Gaff gave him a helping hand.  Barlow and Bird were the only two to feature prominently amongst the Gladiators who seemed to have dived at the wrong end of the season.  However, I don't see this happening again next week.

And so as I sign off the self-talk fest, it will be Gladiators (HGA) v Maulers next week (if I have it right) and Vipers straight into the GF.

Good luck all teams.

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Finals Round 2 - Prelimnary results Empty Re: Finals Round 2 - Prelimnary results

Post by Jason on Sun Aug 10, 2014 11:29 am

All clear on the scores Gerry.

Talk about a weekend full of roller coaster emotions. I thought for sure when I checked the scores this morning I was done. Then after Sloane dog went banananananas I thought I was back in the game, but when Priddis had 5 tackles early in the 2nd qtr and I once again thought I was doomed.

Next week will be an interesting game, Maulers are in red hot form but its hard to back up the following week after scoring 500. Not to mention I feel it would be foolish to write off Croz because his team has kicked arse all year, losing Gablet and Redden hurts though.

The only thing I know is im just glad to be back in the GF for the 3rd straight year. Hopefully....HOPEFULLY this year I can go one better!

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