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Results for [Insert Explicatives Here] Round 10 Empty Results for [Insert Explicatives Here] Round 10

Post by gerry on Sun Jun 03, 2012 11:27 am

Warthogs 259 def by Raptors 374
Not much left at the bottom of the barrel for the Warthogs as the Raptors, led by the dancing, prancing Stevie, walk away with a big victory. Mind you, take away Stevie's score and the Raptors don't have a lot to brag about. Warthog's one thought: Selwood and Swallow wouldn't have saved you!

Tigers 362 def Maulers 314.
Ruckless Maulers (the irony of this will be visible later) went down to the Kane Cornes (bother!) and Jobe Watson show. Kieren Jack might need a promotion for the Maulers who are coming back to the pack. Tigers get one of those wins that he usually loses while at the same time decrying the luck of others (see below for a perfect example).

Bangers 398 def Mustangs 344
Bangers keep on rolling on the back of a second BOG for Chappie. 49 from Sandi helped a lot. Good news! Dayne Zorko gets his first One Heart Medal vote for the Mustangs!

Ridgebacks 307 def by Terriers 320.
So many stories to tell here: it was raining goals at the MCG late on Sunday but not for Dawes. 52 tackles for Gold Coast but only 1 for Horsey. Pendlebury subbed out on 36 All Star points. But here is the kicker: up until late Sunday afternoon, the Terriers had no ruckman -Zac Smith had been dropped. However, a late change saw Jolly out (sorry mauled) and Woods in. Big Cam gets 25 taps and hits the mighty Terriers over the line for a much needed win. Whew! Now I know how Houdini felt! Shocked

Gladiators 431 def Vipers 408.
This is one of those sickening games that kills you as a coach. Vipers doing well with 101 from Rory and 50 million goals from Jack Riewoldt. Up pops Jack Redden and Gazza Ablett who together score 226 All star points - and it's all over for the Vipers. Gladiators didn't get much from the rest of his team - but who cares when your All Stars score 226! cheers

Wolves 405 d Heroes 367
Wolves HAD to win this one after Buddy scored a near-record 168 All Star points!. Brad Ebert (99 points) almost pulled it out of the fire for the Heroes but a lack of goal-kicking power let him down badly. Wolves now on an official roll!

* It's about here that I apologise for winning with such pathetic score

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