Finals Round 1 - Results

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Finals Round 1 - Results Empty Finals Round 1 - Results

Post by gerry on Sun Aug 12, 2012 11:38 am

Ridgebacks 354 def by Maulers 371
The injury tolled for the Ridgies despite the efforts of Beams and Hayes. O'Keefe and Jolly were the big contributers in the Maulers win, who goes now into a second straight Premilinary Final. Ridgies desperate for an All Star to replace Swannie.

Raptors 370 def Bangers 364
Bang-bang and I were reminiscing about the number of finals he has lost because of the HGA. The tally is three now I believe. Steve Johnon's 101 All Star points made a big difference, as did the late withdrawal of Chapman for the Bangers. Raptors into the Preliminaries...all without using a Prospectus! affraid

Tigers 421 def Mustangs 372
The Ponies put up a fight with Trent Cotchin finally coming back into form. But they were no match for the rampaging Tigers, particularly Deledio and One Heart Medalist, Jobe Watson. Will he have Tom Hawkins next week? Or will we see the return of Buddy in the nick of time? Farewell, Mustangs. See you next year. Finals Round 1 - Results 928966

Gladiators 378 def by Vipers 419
Gladiators bow out after being smashed in possessions (139 v 76) - usually a Gladiator strength. Some big all star scores across the board for the Vipers (Dangerfield, Scotland and Kennedy) so he has plenty in reserve. Bye-bye Gladiators. You will live to fight another day. Finals Round 1 - Results 17116

Enough with the cliches.
Next week's games: (I think I have this right)

Ridgebacks (HGA) v Tigers (-> winner to play the Raptors)
Bangers (HGA) v Vipers (-> winner to play the Maulers)

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Finals Round 1 - Results Empty Re: Finals Round 1 - Results

Post by Macca on Sun Aug 12, 2012 11:45 am

I am praying I can win graciously against Tigers and then fuck Pezos up.

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Finals Round 1 - Results Empty Re: Finals Round 1 - Results

Post by trucker on Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:02 pm

it would be ironic if hawkins is out v ridges?? hope his injury not too bad

but being stretcered off with neck brace is not good

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Finals Round 1 - Results Empty Re: Finals Round 1 - Results

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