Sub-clause 1.3 League Entry, Teams and Subscriptions

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Sub-clause 1.3 League Entry, Teams and Subscriptions Empty Sub-clause 1.3 League Entry, Teams and Subscriptions

Post by gerry on Tue Dec 08, 2009 10:30 am

1.3 League Entry, Teams and Subscriptions

[1] The ‘A.S.F.F.L.’ or ‘The League’ is made up of 12 teams and its coaches. It shall not consist of more than 12 teams. These will be first offered to those who owned the team from the previous season. The league teams will be finalised when 12 team allocations have been filled.

[2] Each team must have a name, logo and be fully paid members of the ASFFL prior to the Pre Season Draft (see ‘Subscriptions’ below). The current subscription fees are set at $80.

[3] Subscriptions must be paid in full before any team can participate in the Pre-Season Draft. A late fee of 10 points per day shall be deducted from the offending team’s Round 1 total score, up to a maximum of 70 points (1 week). After this time ownership of the team shall be forfeited.

[4] A ‘team’ or ‘list’ shall be recognised as a body of players numbered 1-35. Each player’s number shall be determined from which round they were drafted in the Pre-Season Draft. Each ‘team’ or ‘list’ shall be ‘set’ and unable to be changed during the period of the trade cut-off date (currently 5:00 pm prior to Round 16) and the submission of the ‘Retained Players’ form for the following year. It shall include/exclude all officially recognised trades and de-listings completed in the previous year. The ownership of this team shall be given to the subscriber until such time that He/She/They relinquish all or part of the ‘team’ or ‘list’ officially or He/She/they are officially ejected from the ‘League’.

[5] The list itself remains property of ‘the league'.

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